Vilikkilän Lomamökki Cottage

A rental cabin in the great skiing and hiking terrains of Posio, Vilikkilän Lomamökki is located in Kirintövaara next to skiing tracks and in close proximity to ski slopes. The surrounding nature offers magnificent facilities for outdoor activities all year round. Still, the Posio town centre is only 6 km away.

The cottage is equipped to a very high standard and it provides beds for up to eight people (2 bedrooms and a 16 m² loft). A wood-fired oven creates a warm and soft atmosphere and is handy for drying out outdoor gear. The cottage is heated through underfloor heating. A car shelter with a heater plug makes winter motoring a pleasure.

Mourusalmi Cottages

Five small but well-equipped lakeside cottages with 2-5 beds each

Kitka Cottage

A wilderness cabin with 8 beds by the sandy beach of Lake Kitkäjärvi. The waters of Kitkajärvi are clean, clear and rich in fish.

Ylikoski Cottages

Two well-equipped cabins (6 beds each) in close proximity to the skiing tracks, hiking trails, ski slopes and snowmobile trails of Kirintövaara.

Naumanniemi Cottages

Two cottages by the Lake Suolijärvi. A traditional Finnish summer cottage (4 beds) and a well-equipped luxurious beach house (10 beds) with a beautiful lakeside terrace.

Korkeasaari Cottage

This cottage with 8 beds is located on an island in a pristine lake teeming with fish.

Pyytökämppä Cottages

Two wilderness cabins far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Samero Cottages

A fully eqipped holiday home (8 beds) in Kirintövaara and a wilderness cabin (3+3 beds) in the peaceful village of Jaksamo

Posionhelmi Cottages

Posionhelmi Holiday Cottages are fully equipped 120 m2 houses close to the Kirintövaara Fell. The two villas accommodate 10 people each.

Kirimajat Cottages

Two handsome and well-equipped cottages in Kirintövaara Fell. Both cottages accommodate comfortably up to 8 people.

Posion Petäjä Cottage

Posion Petäjä Cottage is situated in the beautiful natural surroundings of Kirintövaara Fell. The fully equipped modern cottage accommodates 6-8 people.

Kierikko Cottages

Well-equipped lakeside cottage (8 beds) by the Lake Yli-Suolijärvi and a wilderness cabin (3 beds) by the lake Saari-Kiekki-järvi.