Weekly Schedule - Summer

Most of the activities of the summer weekly program are offered every day.

For more information about an exact program contact the service provider directly.

* reservations by 4 pm the day before on marked activities


Experience the Magic of Pentik

Visit the museums and exhibitions of Pentik Culture Centre and do some shopping in the Factory Outlet. All the museums and exhibitions have free entrance. You can also book a guided tour and learn the full story behind Pentik.

Guided Tour of Pentik Culture Centre*
Pentik by Posio Tourism Association
Price: From 38 € (+ coffee and pastry 5 €/person)
Contact: +358 44 7674 218 or lapland@posio.fi

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Coffee at Ingan Tupa

The lovely café of Ingan Tupa serves fresh homemade pastries from Monday to Friday. The selection includes both sweet and salty delicacies, such as cinnamon buns, donuts, sandwiches and reindeer pie.

In addition to the tasty treats, Ingan Tupa also sells local souvenirs and postcards.

Address: Toritie 4

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Timisjärvi Art Centre

The beautiful 150-year-old reindeer farm has been fully renovated and now functions as an art residence, guest atelier, venue for events and exhibitions and a lovely summer café.

Open daily from 20.6 to 8.8 at 11-17. Free entry!

Address: Timisjärventie 26

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Trails with Tales

The Magic Land of Lapland is a secret entrance to mythical stories and adventures. Allow the Shaman Park and the Wilderness Farmer's Path to take you on a journey into local history and traditions.

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Lunch at Lapin Satu

Hotel Lapin Satu serves delicious lunch on every weekday. The lunch includes a side salad, slice of bread, as well as coffee or tea and a pastry for dessert.

Outside of lunch hours the menu consists of pizza and and traditional Russian cuisine.

Address: Kattavaniementie 1

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Ceramics Class

Release your inner artist and create a one of a kind souvenir at Miki Studio! No previous experience required.

100 €/ 1-4 persons / 2h
120 € / 5-8 persons / 2h
150 € / 9-12 persons / 2,5h
*The price includes the services of a professional artist
*Materials, firings, glazing and shipping costs are altogether 27 € / person. Please note that this cost will be added to the price.

Inquiries: +358 40 554 9908

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Dine at Himmerki

Holiday Village Himmerki serves breakfasts, buffet lunches, 3-course dinners, as well as banquet and conference meals. In the fully licenced restaurant you can enjoy delicious dishes made from local ingredients.

Please call in advance to make a reservation.

Address: Himmerki 8
Phone: +358 44 016 352 602

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Frisbee Golfing

Posio Frisbee Golf Course is situated in Kirintövaara, at the feet of Kiri downhill-skiing slopes. The course has nine holes and it goes around the Kiri slopes.

Rent frisbee golf discs:
Holiday Village Himmerki 10 € / day
Posio Library (Address: Suopolku 1) Free

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Hiking at Riisitunturi National Park

Riisitunturi National Park is a breathtaking hiking destination all year round.

The two circle trails of 4 and 11 km are ideal for day hikes, whereas the 30km out-and-back trail is perfect for those who enjoy a more challenging experience.

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Afternoon Tea at Korpihilla

End your visit at Riisitunturi in a cozy atmosphere at Korpihilla Cafe and Delicacy Shop, open 27.6. – 12.8. on Tue – Sat at 12 – 17.

Korpihilla is also bringing back its popular English afternoon tea on July Thursdays at 13 – 16, starting on 13.7. Be sure to book this unforgettable experience in advance by calling +358 40 090 19 10. If Thursday afternoons don't work for you, you can set up another time by contacting the Korpihilla staff (minimum of 2 participants). You are warmly welcome!

Address: Holtinojantie 5

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Water Recreation

With more or less 3000 lakes and ponds, Posio is the water-richest municipality in Lapland and a dream location for tourists who enjoy long deserted beaches, exciting water activities or fishing. The peaceful surroundings can be explored by a rowboat, canoe or kayak.

Rent a rowboat:
Holiday Village Himmerki 5 €/h and 10 €/day
Lapiosalmi Travel Center 5 €/h
Hotel Kirikeskus 5 €/h and 10 €/day
White Deer's Kingdom 40 €/h

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Visit to Korouoma Canyon

Korouoma is a millions-of-years-old fracture valley in the bedrock. At the center of the valley, it forms a magnificent gorge that drops over a 100 meters below its surrounding terrain.

The 5-km circle trail is ideal for day hikes, whereas the 30-km out-and-back trail is perfect for those who enjoy a more challenging experience.

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Lunch at Hotel Posio

Lunch is served every day at 10 - 15, and it includes the salad bar and dessert. In addition, you can order french fries, hamburgers, kebabs and steak from the menu.

Address: Posiontie 28

Bird Watching and Nature Photography

Due to its varied nature and vast water bodies, Posio is a great spot for bird-watching and filming. Best sites are located near waters; for example, the Posio bird-watching tower can be found by Lake Posiojärvi. Here you can discover and shoot many species of migratory birds and waders.

Address: Rovaniementie 17

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Summer Cafe Säikkä by Lake Livojärvi

Lake Livojärvi is one of the most popular summer destinations in Posio with its white beaches and clear waters. On a beautiful summer day you can sunbathe on the beach of Säikänsalmi and take a dip in the clear water.

Summer Cafe Säikkä - located on the breathtaking beach - delights hungry swimmers by serving freshly made pancakes and open fire coffee. Säikkä also sells rye bread, pastries and souvenirs by local craftsmen and bakers. (Cash only)

Address: Taivalkoskentie 182

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Natural Product Course

Learn how to gather berries, mushrooms and wild herbs, how to treat and prepare them for food! Guided by a professional guide.

20 €, incl. 2 persons, extra persons 10 € / each.

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All Aboard the Sauna Raft

Enjoy the clear waters of Posio and rent a floating sauna for 4 people!

While enjoying your cruise, you can take a dip in the lake, bathe in the sauna and share a barbecue dinner on board.

Gas grill, terrace furniture, cooler and the skipper are included.

Inquiries: +358 400 292 181


Local History Museum

The collection of the Local History Museum includes more or less 1150 peasantry items that were used during the years 1850–1940 in Posio.

Open every Sunday 25.6. - 6.8. at 12 – 17.

Address: Lohiranta 15

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Pizza Time!

Fancy a delicious pizza? The local Neste gas station serves quality pizzas by the restaurant chain Kotipizza. Enjoy your meal in a beautiful lakeside setting.

Address: Uimaniementie 7

Hunting Trip

The easiest way to enjoy and experience hunting is to participate on an arranged trip with professionals. Posio Collective Forest organizes hunting trips in Posio.

Wilderness cabin for 4 people starting from 60 €.
Water bird and rabbit licence 20€/day/person.

+358 40 179 2110

Accommodation near this place

Available Accommodation for next weekend 29.09.-01.10.














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