Wellness is a crucial part of any vacation. Walking in the Finnish nature not only refreshes and relaxes the brain, but also frees the spirit.

In the rush and crush of modern life, the rarities are what we value most. Have you forgotten what silence sounds like? What fresh and pure air smells like? Head to Posio and get back to the nature. Eat wild berries and mushrooms straight from the ground or enjoy a lonely walk accompanied only by a peaceful herd of reindeer.

With just a few tasty ingredients gathered from the pristine Finnish nature, you can transform yourself into a new person during your holiday. A handful of pure nature, a spoonful of wild food and some light activities according to your taste. Enjoying clean local food and shopping for local handmade souvenirs brings well being not only for you but also to the local community.


Take a piece of the Magic Land to go.


Clean, locally produced and healthy food is an important part of the holiday experience.


A handful of pure nature and a pinch of Finnish sauna can transform you into a new person during your holiday.


Homemade pastries and luxurious coffee moments - have a look!