Hotels and group accommodation

Aneen Loma Travel Centre

Laaja majoitustarjonta luksusmökeistä maatilamajoitukseen.

Holiday Village Livohka

Book a private cottage in the soothing ambience of Livohka and relax on the white sandy beaches of Lake Livojärvi.

Lapiosalmi Travel Centre

Lapiosalmi is a travel center specialised in nature travel. It offers a natural and peaceful environment for your holiday. The cottages of the resort can accommodate approximately 100 people.

Hotel Kirikeskus

Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus is surrounded by Lappish nature. It sits at the foot of the Kirintövaara Fell, next to the beautiful Lake Kirintöjärvi.

Hotel Lapin Satu

Lapin Satu offers accommodation in the old Posio village school, just outside the center of Posio. The hotel is situated by the beautiful Lake Posiojärvi.

Holiday Village Himmerki

Heavenly holiday resort located by the beautiful and clear-watered Lake Kitkajärvi.