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Posio offers endless options for self-exploring hikers.

If you are looking for beautiful, but easily accessible nature sites, Posio is the place for you. Palotunturi hiking trail is situated on an old-growth forest conservation area, and leads hikers to a open wilderness hut on the fell peak. Hirsiniemi trail runs partly on a protected lake shore area and partly on top of a sand ridge offering spectacular views to Lake Livojärvi. If you have time and energy, the Auttiköngäs waterfall and nature trail are just an hour's drive away from the center of Posio.

More information about the trails:

Palotunturi hiking trail, 4 km

Duration: 2-3 hours
Trail markings: Paint markings
Difficulty level: Medium, out-and-back trail
Suitability: Suitable for the whole family. It is recommended to wear waterproof shoes as the trail is partly wet. This is an out-and-back trail of altogether 4 km. Elevation 100 m. In treeless areas the paint marks may temporarily disappear from view.

Trail description
Palotunturi nature path is situated in western Posio, north of the village of Pernu, in an old-growth forest conservation area. Palotunturi Fell is part of the wilderness area of Mustarinnantunturi Fell and Kiekkikaira. This area is characterized by large differences in altitude, varying forest and bog areas as well as rare fire refuge forests.

Great Palotunturi Fell rises 391 meters above sea level, and is therefore the highest peak in western Posio. The trail passes Fell Pikku Palotunturi and continues all the way to the top, where you can find the Palotunturi open wilderness hut and a campfire site. The views from the top reward hikers. Palotunturi area has rare natural old-growth forests, which have survived without loggings and forest fires for the past 200 years. The amount of deadwood is also unusually large.

Good to know
In the peak of the Palotunturi Fell there is an open wilderness hut (2-3 beds) that used to be a fire guard’s cabin. The direct translation for the name Palotunturi is Fire Mountain. The name refers to forest fires, which used to be observed from the top of the Fell. During the 2nd World War, the fire guard’s cabin was used as an air defense station. There was a viewing tower at the top of the hut, where the Finnish Military detected Russian planes and airborne troops.

To start the trail
The starting point is 33 km from the center Posio. Drive 25 km to Rovaniemi direction and turn right to road Lamminvaarantie. Continue 8 km. The starting point is just off the road, on the left side. There is no parking area, just a slight widening for cars. The point can be reached with a car or taxi (Tel. +358 16 3721555).

Starting point
Address: Lamminvaarantie, 97815 Posio

lat: 66° 14.1241'
lon: 27° 37.9364'

P: 7346293m
I: 528432m

P: 7349365m
I: 3528616m

Hirsiniemi hiking trail, 16 km

Duration: 5 hours
Trail markings: Paint markings
Difficulty level: Medium, circle trail
Suitability: Suitable for the whole family. The northern part of the route follows a small and rugged nature path. In the south it softens into an easy-to-walk gravel road. There is a rowboat crossing over a narrow strait on the way.

Trail description
The Hirsiniemi circle trail runs clockwise around the area of Pernunselkä in Lake Livojärvi. In the northern part, a rugged nature path follows the coastline, which offers soothing landscapes into the clean waters of Lake Livojärvi coast protection area. The route continues through Holiday Village Livohka following duckboards and a bridge to the deserted island of Autiosaari. From here there is a boat crossing over a narrow strait to the Peninsula of Hirsiniemi. In Hirsiniemi, the trail continues in easy terrain running on a high sandy ridge with stunning lake views.

Good to know
Along the route there are many deserted sandy beaches as well as altogether five campfire sites, which you can reach by foot or boat/canoe. In the winter, you can also ski over the frozen lake. The route runs through Holiday Village Livohka, which offers accommodation, activities and food services.

To start the trail
The starting point is 20 km from the center Posio. Drive 21 km to Taivalkoski direction (road 863) and turn left to Hirsiniemi. Continue 4 kilometers on a gravel road. The starting point has a parking area and information boards. Note that the Hirsiniemi road is in poor condition.

The point can be reached with a car or taxi (Tel. +358 16 3721555). The route can also be started from Holiday Village Livohka (address: Kaarelantie 23, 97900 Posio).

Starting point
Address: Hirsiniemi, 97900 Posio

lat: 66° 0.1235'
lon: 27° 14.7667'

P: 7320701m
I: 556549m

P: 7323764m
I: 3556744m

Auttiköngäs nature trail, 3.5 km

Duration: 2-3 hours
Trail markings: Paint markings
Difficulty level: Demanding, circle trail
Suitability: The circle route is suitable for the whole family and accessible all year round. The terrain is varying and jagged. The top of the large Könkäänvaara Hill reaches a height of 240 meters, while Ispinävaara Hill at 190 meters is not as high but much steeper. Steps and rest spots have been built on the slopes to facilitate climbing.

Trail description
Auttiköngäs area is part of an old-growth forest protection program, situated in the city of Rovaniemi, just 50 km from Posio. The forest in the area is so old that it can be called primary forest, since reportedly there have never been organized loggings.

The nature trail leads along the banks on both sides of the River Auttijoki across varied and demanding terrain. The trail begins with the crossing of the 16-meter high Auttiköngäs waterfalls. The circle route runs counterclockwise leading the hiker into the peace of the northern virgin forest. River Auttijoki is crossed via a hanging bridge, after which the trail starts climbing up towards the highest point in the area – the top of Könkäänvaara Hill. The peak has a nature observation tower with far-reaching views. Information boards along the way portray the natural features of the area.

Good to know
Along the route there are two campfire sites. The first one is situated next to the Auttiköngäs parking area and the second one is halfway down the trail right next to the hanging bridge. In the summer, the Auttiköngäs café serves in the starting point of the trail.

More information: www.nationalparks.fi.

To start the trail
The starting point is 53 km from the center Posio. Drive 52 km to Rovaniemi direction (road 81) and turn right to road Auttikönkääntie. The starting point has a parking area, summer café and information boards.
The point can be reached with a car or taxi (Tel. +358 16 3721555). You can also take a bus to the junction of road Auttikönkääntie and walk 3 to the starting point. Buses leave twice a day and start from Ingan Tupa café in the center of Posio (Address: Toritie 4). Detailed schedules: www.matkahuolto.fi.

Starting point
Address: Auttikönkääntie, 97655 Rovaniemi

lat: 66° 17.2940'
lon: 27° 12.0749'

P: 7352052m
I: 509030m

P: 7355127m
I: 3509206m

Other Nature Sites

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Other hiking trails

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  • Palotunturi
  • Hirsiniemi
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