Antti reports from the Posio hills! #posiohillsintwoyears ”I sank armpit deep into warm bog water on my way down from Keski-Rutavaara. I emptied my boots, squeezed my socks dry, and continued to Aho-Rutavaara. Keski-Rutavaara has impressive views, even though the hill looks rather insignificant in the map. Aneenvaara got its name from Anetjärvi village and lake. Permanent Finnish inhabitants came to Anetjärvi in the 18th century. “Ane” in the name refers to the fishers who begged for a good catch after travelling to the lake from the seacoast. Samis have lived in the region long before the Finns. Akonvaara next to the Aneenvaara is beautiful too. Based on the number of blooming flowers in the bogs, there will be lots of cloudberries this year.”