Clean, locally produced and healthy food is an important part of the holiday experience

With just a few tasty ingredients gathered from the pristine Finnish nature, you can transform yourself into a new person during your holiday. You can enjoy wild food in the restaurants of Posio or prepare it yourself in your rental cottage.

In the late summer and early autumn the berries start to ripen. You can find a catch of cloudberries, blueberries, lingonberries, raspberries and cranberries in the forests and mires of Posio. Also mushrooms are plentiful in the autumn, but remember to only gather the ones you recognize! Everyman’s right in the Finnish forests guarantee that you are allowed to pick almost anything your heart and mouth desires.


Ingan Tupa café serves fresh homemade pastries every weekday! The range includes both salty and sweet donuts, sweet rolls, bagels, sandwiches, reindeer pie and gluten-free products. The café also sells natural products, such as nettle pesto and spruce shoot syrup made from fresh local ingredients. Yum!

Contact: Toritie 4, 97900 Posio Tel. +358 45 142 4360 


In Korpihilla Delicacy Shop and Cafeteria, fresh berries and herbs from the pure nature of Lapland are hand-crafted into delicious products. Korpihilla provides coffee moments and delicacies served in a romantic and old-fashioned atmosphere. Marmalades, cloudberry chocolate, cranberry-cognac syrup and the sparkling spruce shoot drink are always prepared with the best ingredients and with respect to Lappish traditions.


Contact: Holtinojantie 5, 97925 Tolva, Riisitunturi Tel. +358 400 901 910 Opening hours


Wilderness Cafe Tykky is located right in the beginning of the route leading to Riisitunturi National Park. They opened in 2020 and the whole log building is designed and built in Posio. They serve warm drinks, pancakes, soup lunches, snacks and alcoholic beverages. In the winertime Tykky rents fatbikes for the winter fatbike route in Riisitunturi National Park.

Contact: Riisitunturi National Park 045 133 4790


Wilderness Cafe Korouoma is located right in the beginning of the route leading to Korouoma Canyon. They serve warm drinks, self-made pastries and sandwiches. They also cater for groups coming to Korouoma. The cafe is open every day at 12-6 pm.

Contact: Soukkavaarantie 97815 Posio Tel + 358 40 579 5537


In the Pentik Café you can enjoy your coffee in an inspiring and cultural environment. After coffee, you can stop by the factory shop and make unique discoveries from the vast collection of Pentik ceramics, home-ware, candles and other interior products. 

Contact: Maaninkavaarantie 3, 97900 Posio Tel. +358 40 349 6440 Opening hours


Säikkä hut café serves delicious pancakes roasted over an open fire on the white beach of Lake Livojärvi. The coffee shop also sells baked goods and crafts by local entrepreneurs. Here you can get the famous comb bun, rye blueberry pies, barley flat bread and the best vendace pies in Posio! Open only in the summer!

Contact: Taivalkoskentie 182, 97950 Posio Tel. 0400 893 755 Opening hours


Enjoy amazing waffles on the summer terrace of Timisjärvi café. The former reindeer mansion and current home of art is a lovely combination of vintage and modern. Open only in the summer.

Contact: Timisjärventie 26, 97820 Perä-Posio Tel. +358 40 632 6252

Opening hours


Restaurant Tapio became one of the most famous restaurants in the whole Finland in its first year. People come to eat at Tapio all the way from Helsinki. About 80 percent of their ingredients are from Posio or Lapland. Out of all restaurants in Finland, Tapio got the best points in the respected publication 360 Eat Guide. They list the best restaurants in the Nordic countries – the ones that are at the top of their field in sustainability. Tapio’s seasonal menu changes regularly.

You must have a table reservation.

Contact: Saarisiulantie 16, 97900 Posio +358 44 2431631


Hotel Lapin Satu offers a lunch buffet on weekdays. You can choose either soup or warm food. Lunch includes a salad bar, bread, dessert and coffee or tea. At other times, the restaurant serves pizza and traditional Russian dishes from the menu. In the summer, you can enjoy your dinner or lunch on the lovely lakeside terrace.

Contact: Kattavaniementie 1, 97900 Posio Tel. +358 45 8864 588


In the fully licenced restaurant you can enjoy delicious dishes made from local ingredients. The restaurant has seats for 156 people. Himmerki serves breakfasts, buffet lunches, 3-course dinners, as well as banquet and conference meals. Please call in advance to make a reservation.

Contact: Himmerki 8, 97900 Posio Tel. +358 440 352 602


Fancy a delicious pizza? The local Neste gas station serves quality pizzas by the restaurant chain Kotipizza. Enjoy your meal in a beautiful lakeside setting.

Contact: Uimaniementie 7, 97900 Posio Tel. +358 16 372 1621


A cozy restaurant located in Posio center. Their menu includes pizza, kebab, hamburgers and varieties of homemade meals. They also serve alcoholic beverages.

Contact: Kauppakuja 2 97900 Posio +358 40 3586 322 Peikonpesä.

Additional information

Posio Flatbread

“My goodness, such delicious flatbread!”

We often hear this being exclaimed about Posio flatbread. The same sort of flatbread has been baked in the area for centuries: barley flour, water, and that’s about it. You don’t need much else, well perhaps some butter on top!

The flatbread is sold by K-Market.

Address: Posiontie 26, 97900 Posio

Buy Fresh Fish!

Kuusamontie 119, 97900 Posio

You can find fresh fish in the fishing port of Mourusalmi, where local fishermen sell their catch from early spring to late autumn. Inquiries about the catch of the day can be addressed directly to the fishermen:

Jarkko Määttä, tel. +358 40 5377 913
Heikki Latvala, tel. +358 400 518 720
Vesa Oikarainen, tel. +358 40 5091 785
Tarmo Suonnansalo, tel. +358 40 7319 299

Natural Product Course

Learn how to gather berries, mushrooms and wild herbs, how to treat and prepare them for food guided by a professional guide.

Book online

For two peple. Extra person 10 €/each. Course is available only in the summer.

20 €

Polar Lights Tours

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