Restaurant Tapio – Fine dining in the middle of the woods

Restaurant Tapio became one of the most famous restaurants in the whole Finland in its first year. People come to eat at Tapio all the way from Helsinki. About 80 percent of their ingredients are from Posio or Lapland. Out of all restaurants in Finland, Tapio got the best points in the respected publication 360 Eat Guide. They list the best restaurants in the Nordic countries – the ones that are at the top of their field in sustainability.

Green Key is the leading international eco-label – it is in use in 65 countries. Green Activities is Green Keys sub-label. From all the Finnish counties, Posio has the most travel businesses with environmental certificates.

The daily environmental work done by the Green Key certified businesses include:

  •  saving in energy and water
  •  producing less waste and recycling
  •  offering locally produced vegetarian and organic food
  •  using certified environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products and papers
  •  offering clients ecological transportation and nature travel.

The funds from Green Key and Green Activities certificates are used towards environmental education in Finnish schools, including Posio elementary school and high school.

By choosing Posio as your travel destination you strongly support environmental work!

Holiday Village Himmerki and Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus

Over 50 percent of the ingredients used at the kitchen of Holiday Village Himmerki and Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus are local: fish, reindeer, berries, and mushrooms come from local producers. They take the climate impact into account by instructing their staff and customers to save energy. In their restaurant operations, Himmerki and Kirikeskus strive to minimize the loss of food by sizing the food they offer exactly according to demand. They serve lunch only on a pre-order basis to accurately predict the number of lunch guests. Most of their kitchenware is made by Pentik in Posio.

Ylitalo Reindeer Travel

In addition to reindeer programs and accommodation, Ylitalo Reindeer Travel also offers homemade food for their guests. You can truly get the feel of local culture when you join the owners Manne and Christina in their kitchen and taste the local delicacies made by Christina. The beef comes from a local farm, the berries are handpicked, and the fish comes from nearby lakes.

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