Find Your Rhythm

Experience diverse nature, local delicacies, genuine culture, art and design in Posio – a small nature-loving community where enchanting landscapes inspire you to rediscover the essentials.

In Posio, nature embraces, carries through the seasons and gives life its pace. Hurries vanish in the tranquillity of nature and amongst the locals. Here, anyone can find their own rhythm, be it fast or slow.

Husky sledding

Kota-Husky is a warm-hearted family owned business dedicated in offering responsible husky adventures. They are also the only ones offering adventures at the famous Riisitunturi National Park. Book your adventure: Kota Husky 

Reindeer farm visit

There are more reindeer than people living in the Posio area, so you will see them almost daily running across the streets and in the forests. However, if you want to get a deeper understanding of these fine animals, you can visit a real reindeer farm and learn more about the animals and the livelihood they provide in Lapland. Read more

Winter Mountain biking

New fatbike route opened in early 2021 in the Riisitunturi National Park, Posio, Finnish Lapland. Enjoy snowy trees, amazing landscapes and the warmth of a wilderness hut. There are also two cafés in the area and the other one rents fatbikes. Read more.

Winter net fishing

No matter if it’s summer or winter, fishing is an important part of people’s lifestyle in Posio, Finnish Lapland. In this video Oiva, the owner of Oiva Tour, shows how he catches pikes under the ice with a net. After the trip Oiva welcomes the guests to his home and his wife Marketta prepares the fresh fish on a skillet.

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