Antti reports from the Posio hills! #posiohillsintwoyears “Is the forest skiing season over? Jänkävaara, Soidinvaara, Pikku Teuronvaara, Iso Teuronvaara and Palovaara are within a skiing distance of each other. I skied to them on Monday last week. The view from the ridge between the Teuronvaaras was breathtaking. Aimovaara is among the highest hills in Posio. I met a local couple on the way to the top of the hill. They were on their way back from ice fishing trip to Aimo pond. They had caught only a few perches. Despite the bad luck in fishing, they described Posio as a paradise to live in. I heard elsewhere that back in the day people used to gather up to the hills during the midsummer festivities. Aimovaara was one of the more popular Posio hills to celebrate the summer solstice. The last patches of snow will be gone soon. Now it’s time to look for hills near the many lakes and rivers in Posio. What’s better on a summer day than paddling to a foot of a hill and then climbing it?”