Antti reports from the colorful Posio hills! #posiohillsintwoyears “Sirniövaara, Hautavaara, Kaukuanvaara, Tervavaara, Kivivaara, Salmivaara, Selkävaara, Lotanvaara. And then I found the Kärryvaaras. The Pikku-Kärry and Iso-Kärry are both high and steep little hills in the southern Posio, on the edge of Lapland. I visited them in a bright September evening, when the autumn colors were at their best. I have been asked for tips on exploring the nature outside the marked paths. Not often there is a path to the hills I visit. It is easiest to walk straight, when the sun is visible, and I can keep it at a certain angle from me. When coming across obstacles, I try to go around them every other time from the left and every other from the right side. This prevents me from veering or walking in a circle. I can always check the exact position and direction from my phone’s map application.”