Antti reports from the Posio hills! #posiohillsintwoyears. “I had low expectations about the small Vasikkavaara hill in the Hyväniemi peninsula near Posio’s border with Kuusamo. After pushing through the dense forest to the top of the hill, an incredible view opened over the Kitka lake to the Riisitunturi National Park and beyond. There were colourful signs of autumn foliage on the hillside. The experience exceeded the expectations and I was very satisfied! I can also recommend visiting the Palotunturi fell. Fire watchers used to live in what is now a wilderness hut at the top of the hill. From all the hills I have visited in Posio, Palotunturi had a very distinctive sense of place. Between the Isolantonvaara and Puikkosenvaara is a long stretch of easy to walk forest with plenty of mushrooms. I did not plan to go picking mushrooms and I ended up having my pockets full of rufous milkcaps.”