Antti reports from the Posio hills! #posiohillsintwoyears. “Horses were taken to forest pastures for grazing back in the day when they were still used for work. After visiting the Virsuvaara hill in the southern part Syöte national park, I heard it was one of the places where horses from the Anetjärvi village were taken in the summer. Virsuvaara is far enough, around ten kilometres, from the Anetjärvi farms so that the horses did not return on their own. Close to Virsuvaara is Lomavaara, and between them is a wilderness hut. The hut used to be the sauna of an old logging cabin. North of the Riisitunturi national park’s Välivaara is Koljat’s lean-to, where I spent a night in mid-September. The temperature fell a little below zero already then. Another place worth a visit is the Piippuvaara hill in the Korouoma nature resereve.”