Antti reports from the Posio hills! #posiohillsintwoyears “The binding of my ski had made a hole in my rubber boot. In front of me was a little stream close to the Joutsenlampi, Swan Pond. Had I thrown my skis to the other side of the stream, carefully using the poles to walk across it, I could have made it to the opposite shore. But not with the big hole in the boot. Getting wet outside in the winter can be dangerous. Konttivaara became the first hill I didn’t manage to visit on the first try. I had passed by it already once in the summer when canoeing the little lakes and rivers from Lapiosalmi to Kitka. On the foggy Sunday last week, I made an attempt to visit the Nuolivaara hill in the Riisitunturi National Park. I started from the Tykky Cafe and skied the southern slope of the Riisitunturi fell towards Nuolivaara. There’s more or less three hours of daylight in this time of the year. The snow started sticking to the bottoms of the skis despite the wax I had applied. I was running out of daylight. I turned back at the southwestern slope of the fell after one hour of skiing. I didn’t want to take the risk of skiing in the dark, deep in the park. After 67 trips to the hills, a few less successful ones don’t bother me at all. The following, last report of the year will be dedicated to the best hills and the best memories from the Posio hills of the year 2020!”