Two more hills added to the list! Antti from the business development department of the Posio county is aiming at visiting every hill of Posio in two years. So far he has visited ten hills. His weekly reports are posted under the hashtag #posiohillsintwoyears. “The effects of the storm that swept over Europe on Sunday were felt all the way in Posio. It was around zero degrees and the snow came down almost horizontally. The sticky, wet snow on the bottoms of my skis slowed me down on the way back from the Laijonvaara hill. The snow started sticking to my clothes too. At least we had tailwind with my colleague and her dog! Saturday I had an easy ride to the Tuomivaara hill and back in the Anetjärvi village. I was towed on my skis on top of the hill with a snowmobile. The hill has interesting places in its surroundings, like the Tuomijoki river’s mill. It was built in 1770 and renovated as a tourist attraction in the 1990s. Even more interesting is the abandoned house of Timo Tuomivaara (1938-2004). He is known as the Houdini of the North. He was a famous escape artist and a magician, who performed from the 1950s until 1980s.”