Another report from the Posio hills! #posiohillsintwoyears “It was a sunny morning on Saturday with only a few minus degrees. The weather couldn’t have been better. I decided to ski past Ilkka Malmberg’s hectare, the place I mentioned in the last report. I drove close to Kännäkänaho and found a parking spot on a small road. It was only a few hundreds meters from the road to the small hut in the most famous hectare of Finland. What a nice little hut! By the time I reached the first hill of the day, Muikkuvaara, the scenery was covered with white fog. Everything was very white. It got a bit windy too. I always carry a knife, matches, and kindling on these trips. It’s always good to be prepared for sudden changes in weather and worst case scenarios, especially in Lapland. Somehow, the first hill is named after muikku, vendace. Since there was another hill close by, I had decided visit it too. It was called Venäjänvaara, the Russian hill. If someone knows the stories behind the names, I’m interested. It was easy riding down from the Venäjänvaara hill, across a few small bogs, over a few ditches and past some dense bush back to the car. This was the longest trip so far, about four hours and six kilometers in total. Definitely worth the time!”