“The weather was a bit sunnier than usually on Wednesday last week. I decided to visit Ukkosenvaara and Kiurusenvaara before going to the the Livohka resort at the Livojärvi lake. Every Wednesday they heat up the public sauna. The ice swimming spot in the frozen lake in front of the sauna is opened too. There’s even a reindeer stew supper included in the small price of seventeen euros for the whole set. Can living in Posio get any better? ⠀ The day reminded me of something a British friend of mine said a few years back about living abroad: ‘If you have only good things to say about a place, you haven’t lived there long enough’. After living less than two months in Posio I’m still a bit of a tourist here, even though I’m not even abroad. I wonder how long the honeymoon period lasts. ⠀ As suggested by a follower of my project, I skied on Sunday to Kellinvaara and Varanganvaara. The latter had an old, well preserved forest on top of it. From the little patches of old forests I have seen in Posio, the one at Varanganvaara was easily the most enchanting.”