Antti has visited 23 Posio hills! #posiohillsintwoyears. “The difficult part is to find a place to park near the hills and even that is not so difficult. On Monday last week, near Uopajanvaara, I met an old fisher who let me leave my car in their driveway. We tried to estimate the number of hills in Posio. I learned a few things about fishing too. From Uopajanvaara I skied to Ahvenvaara. Now I have two hills named after a fish on my list, Vendace and Perch Hills. Pikku and Iso Karitunturi fells are about a three hour ski from my home. On the way I wondered if forest skiing could be made into an easy to approach tourism product like skiing on track. The landscape between my home lake, Kirintöjärvi, and Karitunturi would be beautiful for such product. Adventure Ape tourism company’s Heidi and their Swedish intern had set camp for the night on top of the Iso Karitunturi. They were on their way to Riisitunturi fell. Now is not the time to travel far. Where is the highest spot near your home and when did you visit it the last time?”⠀ ⠀