Pot Calling the Kettle Black

23.6. - 24.6.2018

Local History Museum

An old glue-making pot from the village of Pernu is donated to the museum collection.


6.7.2018    19:00

Local History Museum

Ukrainian cossack dance group Artania performs at the Local History Museum.



Sports House Pyrintö

The theater group Pomppa-teatteri presents: Simpauttaja, the classic Finnish play by Heikki Turunen! Dramatization and direction by Teuvo Orjasniemi.

Note that the play is entirely in...

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Posio Fish Market Fair

14.7. - 15.7.2018

Posio Marketplace

The annual main event of the summer will take place on 14. - 15.7.2018! More information to come.

St. Thomas Mass

4.8.2018    18:00

Posio Church

St. Thomas Mass is a Lutheran mass of broad spirituality. It combines the questions of everyday life, traditional church practices and catchy St. Thomas songs.



Akanlahti Log Transfer Facility

Every other year the start of autumn is celebrated at the log transfer facility. More information to come!