Anniversary Concert

1.1.1970 - 22.7.2019    19.00

Pyrintö Recreational house

Entrance fee at the door

90 year Anniversary Concert of Veikko Ahvenainen

From Copper Pot To Copper Capsule -Show

6.7.2019 - 21.7.2019    12.00-17-00 at Saturdays and Sundays

Lohirannan koulu (Lohiranta 16E 97940 Posio)

What all different kinds pots and capsules are used to make coffee? Come to look sympathetic show to Posio's Lohiranta's school!

Next to show is cafe and flea market!

Music Afternoon

7.7.2019    14.00

Pentik's estate

Free Access

Music afternoon at Pentik's estate
Duo Peltokurki, Free access

Big Painting Event

10.7.2019    klo 10-12, 13-15 ja 16-18

Posio library

Posio library

Hanna Posio's guided painting workshop for all ages at library
klo 10-12, 13-15 ja 16-18

Children´s Farm Day

11.7.2019    12.00-15.00

Pentik Estate


Bring your child to have happy farm day with all kinds of animals. There are chickens and sheep. You can learn to use a clay, treasure hunt and an ice cream! Come to have fun!


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Posio Fish Market

13.7. - 14.7.2019

Posio Market

The annual main event of the summer will take place on 13. - 14.7.2019! More information to come.

Flea Market

21.7.2019    12.00

Lehtinieme's village house

More information to come.

Sauna Day!


Korouoma Korsu's sauna


Swimsuits are required in the sauna

Finnish Broadcasting Company's nationwide campaign which is provide by municipality of Posio. The Koron korsu's sauna will be warmed a whole day by...

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Kaarlo´s Run

21.9.2019    12.00

Maanikavaara's old Village school

Entry fee is 20€, less than 12-years old 10€

Kaarlo's Run
Run starts at Maanikavaara's old village school (During road 5)

15 km - Raceseries MENS / WOMENS
9 km - Raceseries MENS / WOMENS
5 km -...

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