Accessible Trails

You can get out and enjoy Posio's outdoors on these accessible trails that offer wheelchair-ready surfaces.

Kirintövaara Accessible Hiking Trail

There is an accessible hiking trail and campfire site in Kirintövaara. The route is 500 meters long and it runs along the shoreline of lake Kirintöjärvi leading to a wheelchair accessible lean-to-shelter with a nice lake view. The route is four meters wide and it is suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs and strollers.

Poem Path

Another accessible route, the Poem Path is situated in the town center of Posio. It follows the shoreline of Lake Posiojärvi and circles through six poem boards (the poems are in Finnish only). There is also a lean-to shelter on the way, where you can make a campfire. The trail and campfire place are suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs and strollers.

Accessible Trails
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Kirintövaara Accessible Hiking Trail

Kiririnteentie 1
97900 Posio
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Poem Path

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97900 Posio

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