Kitka wilderness cabin (42 m2) is located in Turjanniemi, on a sandy beach by the clear waters of Lake Kitkajärvi. It is an excellent beach for swimming. Includes a rowing boat, jetty and a campfire spot.

The cottage is comprised of a lounge, two bedrooms (4 beds), two small lofts (4 beds) and a cooking alcove with a baking oven, gas hob and oven as well as aggregate lights. By the beach there is a log-built sauna. Please note that the running water is not tested every year, so we recommend boiling any drinking water.

The surrounding nature type is a dry, boreal forest. Lake Kitkajärvi is famous for its small species of vendace, familiarly known as “Kitkan viisas” or “the Wise of Kitka”. The cottage rent includes a fishing permit for two fishing nets for use in lakes and rivers around Posio provincial fishing area. In addition, you may purchase a lure fishing permit for the lake. A boat launch site for larger vessels is found in Mourusalmi, 8 kilometres away.

The cottage is accessible by car only during summer. Distance to nearest neighbor 150 m.


Gas hob and oven, wood-fired oven, aggregate lights, liquid gas fridge, outhouse toilet, rowboat, dock, campfire place, wood-fired sauna.

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