Posio is the perfect destination for people who appreciate slow and sustainable travel.

Respect for nature and local culture are deeply rooted in the mindset of our travel businesses. There are already ten Green Key and Green Activities -certified travel businesses in Posio.

Here are all these businesses:

Local food from our lakes, forest and meadows

  • Pentik-mäki Culture Centre is the most popular attraction in Posio: they sell quality ceramics made in Posio and candles handmade in Posio. If you are missing a piece from your old Pentik set, take a visit to their vintage ceramics shop. Collecting Pentik tableware is an important part of Finnish culture and what would be more sustainable than ceramics that lasts for generations.

  • Over 50 percent of the ingredients used at the kitchen of Holiday Village Himmerki are local: fish, reindeer, berries and mushrooms come from local producers. Same goes with their workers: at the moment 90 percent of their employees are locals. Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus is owned by the same people and shares all the same values of sustainability.

  • Restaurant Tapio became one of the most famous restaurants in whole Finland in its first year. People come to eat at Tapio all the way from Helsinki. About 80 percent of their ingredients are from Posio or Lapland. Out of all restaurants in Finland, Tapio got the best points in the respected publication 360 Eat Guide. They list the best restaurants in the Nordic countries – the ones that are also at the top of their field in sustainability.

  • Get guided to the authentic local culture

  • Naali Lodge was born out of respect towards nature. Located right next to Restaurant Tapio in the woods of Posio, their log buildings have been renovated by a local wood smith and use geothermal heating. They only take groups of eight people at a time and all activities are done with muscle power.

  • Posio Outdoors offers unforgettable fishing experiences for travelers at the lakes of Posio. You can't find a better guide than Timo, after all, Posio is his last name. Timo also brings the pikes to the table at Restaurant Tapio. "Amazing landscapes, honest fishing" is how Timo describes his business.

  • Another way to embrace local nature is to spend a night in the forest or go catch some pikes with Oiva Tour. The fish from Oiva's nets end up at Holiday Village Himmerki and travelers get a chance to learn how to prepare the fish for the kitchen. Visiting Oiva and his wife Marketta's home opens up the true Lapland way of life - living in harmony with our four seasons.

  • The Adventure Apes Lodge is located in Kuusamo but they also offer many adventures in the nature of Posio. Their strengths are educational camps for kids and youths, in which nature works as the classroom year round. "Nature belongs for everyone" is their motto and Adventure Apes also offers carefully customized nature trips for groups with special needs. Their long skiing trips at Riisitunturi National Park or open water swimming adventures at Lake Livo are unforgettable experiences for all senses.

  • Huskies and reindeer as family members

  • One way to enjoy the snowy tree giants at Riisitunturi National Park is husky sledding. Kota-Huskys siberian and alaskan huskies will not only guide you through the winter wonderland – they have an endless supply of tenderness. Each dog is an individual with his or her own free days and other routines. The journey starts from the owner’s home yard, which is also where the dogs live. When you arrive, the first thing you will see are the already retired huskies, running freely around the yard.

  • In Posio, the reindeer are also a part of the family. Ylitalo Reindeer Farm does not only offer an experience – this visit touches you in a way that can change people deep down. Just to name a few things: the owners Manne and Christina have saved abandoned reindeer calves from the forests, fed them with baby bottles and taught a blind reindeer to walk. This is also the home of the famous movie star reindeer Ailo, who we in Posio know by his real name, Prince.
  • Half of our travel businesses are Green Key certified

    Green Key and Green Activities -certificates have authenticated the hard work done by all these businesses to become sustainable.

    Green Key is the leading international eco-label – it is in use in 65 countries. Green Activities is Green Keys sub-label.

    The daily environmental work done by the Green Key certified businesses include:

  • saving in energy and water
  • producing less waste and recycling
  • offering locally produced vegetarian and organic food
  • using certified environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products and papers
  • offering clients ecological transportation and nature travel.

  • From all the Finnish counties, Posio has the most travel businesses with environmental certificates. In June 2020, all these businesses will be one of the first ones in Finland to receive Sustainable Travel Finland certificate.

    Posio Business Association, Posio Travel Association and Posio county work towards sustainable travel in close collaboration.

    The funds from Green Key and Green Activities certificates are used towards environmental education in Finnish schools, including Posio elementary school and high school.

    By choosing Posio as your travel destination you strongly support environmental work!