Pyytökämppä Cottages

Two identical 27 m2 cottages (built in 2010) located in the Kiekkikaira wilderness of Posio, by Lake Julmajärvi and Palotunturi Fell.

The cottages have a living room and two alcoves (4 beds per cabin) and an outhouse toilet. Lighting by oil burners and candles (no electricity). There is a wood-fired sauna by the lake and a rowing boat free for guests to use.

The surrounding lakes and ponds are teeming with whitefish, perch and pike. Palotunturi Fell has been protected under an old forest protection area. The cottages have direct access to ample berry picking terrains and swamps that grow the famous cloudberry. They are also perfectly located for the state-managed hunting grounds.

The cabins are accessible by car during the summer. In the winter you can leave your car 1-2 km away and hike/ski/snowmobile the rest of the way.


Wood-fired oven, gas cooker, earth cellar, outhouse toilet, blankets and pillows (linen not included), dishes and utensils, oil burners and candles (no electricity), wood-fired sauna, rowboat, four net fishing permits.

Pyytökämppä Cottages

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Pyytökämppä 1

Julmajärvi 38 B, 97815 Posio

Pyytökämppä 2

Julmajärvi 35 C, 97815 Posio