Water recreation

In Posio the lakes are many and the people are few.

With more or less 3000 lakes and ponds, Posio is the water richest municipality in Lapland and a dream location for tourists who enjoy long deserted beaches, exciting water activities or fishing.

The peaceful surroundings of Posio can be explored with a rowboat, canoe or kayak. One of the best canoeing routes in Posio starts from southern Posio in the famous blacksmith village of Sirniö. It goes along River Unijoki, which has a slow steady flow making it a safe route for paddlers of all experience levels.

Another route is River Livojoki, whose white waters and backwaters create a perfect setting for a more exciting canoeing trip especially during spring floods. When it comes to lakes, the ridge area of Hirsiniemi in Lake Livojärvi has interesting bay and ridge formations that are best spotted from a canoe or kayak. If you don’t want to worry about getting lost, follow the marked boating routes of Lakes Kitkajärvi and Posiojärvi and you can concentrate fully on enjoying the views.


One of the best canoeing routes of Posio starts from southern Posio in the famous blacksmith village of Sirniö. More information about the route:

River Unijoki Canoeing Route, 10 km

Duration: 2-3 hours one way
Difficulty level: Easy
Suitability: Suitable for families and beginners, since there are no river rapids on the way.

Trail description
The Unijoki canoeing route is 10 kilometers long and goes along River Unijoki, which has a slow steady flow making it a safe route for paddlers of all experience levels. The route can be paddled both ways or back and forth. Unijoki flows from Pond Unilampi to Lake Kynsijärvi. The route passes through wilderness in varying forest and mire landscapes. There are many beautiful deserted beaches in Lake Kynsijärvi, where you can pull your canoe up and enjoy a packed lunch onshore.

Good to know
There is a lean-to shelter with a fireplace in the starting point of the trip and also in the opposite shore across the pond. The end point is in Lake Kynsijärvi, at the end of the road Koivulahdentie, where canoes are easy to pull up.

Lake Kynsijärvi often has strong winds making the waves large. In windy weather, paddling the river can also turn out to be surprisingly tiring. This route can be paddled with any equipment ranging from Indian canoes to kayaks. The best time to paddle is early summer during the spring floods. Spring is also the best time to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

To start the trail
The starting point of the trail is in southern Posio in the famous blacksmith village of Sirniö, about 40 km from the center of Posio.

Drive 34 km from Posio in the direction of Taivalkoski. Turn left to road Sirniöntie, drive 1.5 km and turn left again to road Koivulahdentie. Drive 200 m and turn right to road Aimolantie. Leave your car in road Aimolantie and walk to the shore of Pond Unilampi. There is a lean-to shelter in the starting point of the route. There are no parking areas or signposts in the starting point. You can reach the point with a car or taxi (Tel: +358 16 3721 555).

From the end point, you can take a taxi, paddle back or walk 3-4 km along road Koivulahdentie back to the starting point.

Starting point
Address: Aimolantie, 97970 Sirniö

lat: 65° 50.9937'
lon: 28° 9.9371'

P: 7303673m
I: 553212m

P: 7306728m
I: 3553405m

End point
Address: Koivulahdentie 38, 97970 Sirniö

lat: 65° 52.3529'
lon: 28° 12.6874'

P: 7306237m
I: 555255m

P: 7309294m
I: 3555450m

Water recreation

Tel: +358 44 7674 218


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