Lake Livojärvi is one of the most popular summer destinations in Posio. On a beautiful summer day you can sunbathe on the beach of Säikänsalmi also known as the Riviera of Lapland, and take a dip in the clear water. In the summertime, Café Säikkä delights the hungry swimmers by serving freshly made pancakes and open fire coffee. Säikkä also sells rye bread, pastries and souvenirs by local craftsmen and bakers.

If you like peace and quiet, the beach of Kellinniemi situated in the southern shores of Lake Livojärvi is the right choice for you. This beach has a lean-to shelter and guaranteed privacy. Bring your swimsuit, camera and some sausages to roast over an open fire!

Other activities

There are also hiking routes around the lake. Hirsiniemi hiking area begins right next to Lake Livojärvi. The 16 km route goes through beach protection area and along great sandy ridges passing also Livohka holiday village. There are in total 5 lean-to-shelters along the route.

Water recreation and fishing

Lake Livojärvi is also ideal for fishing and water recreation. The catch provided by Lake Livojärvi includes trout, whitefish, grayling, pike, perch, vendace and burbot. Read more about fishing and permits needed here

How to get there?

To reach the Riviera of Lapland drive 18 km on the road Taivalkoskentie towards south. The beach is located on your right hand side. To reach the quieter beach of Kellinniemi, continue south and turn right after the lake, to the direction of Livonniska. Drive 2 km and turn right on a small dirt road when you see a small wooden sign “Kellinniemi”. Continue about 1.5 km and you are there.

Additional information


Summer Cafe Säikkä

This café delights hungry swimmers by serving freshly made pancakes and open fire coffee. Säikkä also sells local delicates. Summer Cafe is open daily from 10 to 17 untill end of August. 

Rent a SUP-board for 10€/hour.

Cash or card payment.

Open only in the summertime.

There is also Ice Cream kiosk (depending on weather)

Taivalkoskentie 182, 97950 Posio

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