A peaceful place for enjoying silence, uniting with nature and relaxing on the beach.

 Aneen Loma Travel Centre is located by Lake Anetjärvi, about 30 km from the center of Posio.

Aneen Loma can comfortably accommodate at least 52 guests. You can choose from a wide range of accommodation choices, a luxury beach villa, studio apartment, farm house, sauna cabin or a holiday house for a bigger group.

Aneen Loma can also offer facilities for parties, weddings and other sorts of events for up to a 100 guests. They have a caravan area with 10 pitches and a maintenance building with showers, washing machines, toilets and a sauna.

During your holiday, you can stop by our farm and see our calves, cows and cats.

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A hidden gem. A peaceful, sympathetic, and objectively and visibly loving place. The service was excellent and hospitable, although we arrived late at night. We would definitely recommend the place to our other acquaintances as well!

Hanna-Mari Mykkänen / Google Reviews

A wonderful campsite. Everything is very well taken care for and clean. The owners run a farm; you can buy excellent sausage, meat and milk. A special plus point is the wooden sauna hut with a view of the lake. The grill hut allows mosquito-free barbecue with a view of the lake.

Wolfgang Abendroth / Google Reviews

Very nice cabin by the lake. Very comfortable and well equipped. Very good value for money. We were able to taste and buy the farm products. Very welcome despite the difficulties of the language barrier. The children were able to go see the kittens and see the stable.

Emmanuel Herblot / Google Reviews

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