Wilderness Farmer’s Path is a story trail with 35 themed information points that are found along the main road in the villages of Posio. Each information board tells about peasantry life in the early 1900s – the skills, living conditions and thoughts of the inhabitants of Posio. This tourist path takes you deep into the culture and everyday life of the Lappish people in the old days. How did people utilize the northern nature in order to survive?

The information points along the trail can be explored using different means of travel, and it is suitable for the whole family. The locations of the information points are marked with stars in the Posio Tourist Map. A small guidebook in different languages can be acquired from Posio Tourist Information.

Additional information


Wilderness Farmer´s Path Guide Book

A small guidebook in different languages (German, English, Russian, French) can be acquired free of charge from Posio Tourist Information (in Anu Pentik Gallery).

Contact information:
Maaninkavaarantie 5, 97900 Posio
Gallery opening hours

Posio travel map

Posio travel map includes:

  • Posio provincial area map

  • Hiking routes (such as Korouoma and Riisitunturi Fell routes)

  • Skiing tracks

  • Snow mobile tracks

  • Town map and services

  •  Cottage accommodation, restaurants and entertainment. The map is double-sided. One side displays the entire Posio provincial area, and the other side more detailed maps on various destinations, such as Posio hiking destinations and the town centre.


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