If you love the outdoors, Posio is the place for you.

The population of Posio doubles during the summer as vacationers arrive to enjoy our beautiful lakes, forests and fells.

The more or less 3000 lakes and ponds in Posio provide excellent opportunities for water recreation and fishing. What could be better on a sunny summer day than to take a swim in a cooling lake. One of the most awesome beaches in Posio can be found from the shores of Lake Livojävi: "the Riviera of Lapland" is just the right name to describe the long sandy beaches. Put your sunglasses on and enjoy!

Posio is also a great destination for hiking and nature excursions. The most spectacular nature attractions are the Korouoma Canyon and Riisitunturi National Park.

In the autumn you can enjoy our beautiful nature in fall colors. In the end of the summer we recommend eating wild berries and mushrooms straight from the forest or tagging along on a thrilling hunting trip.

Summer hiking

The spectacular nature destinations and marked trails of Posio await for adventurers.

Water recreation

With more or less 3000 lakes and ponds, Posio is a dream location for tourists who enjoy long deserted beaches and exciting water activities.


With more or less 3000 lakes and ponds the waters of Posio offer fascinating fishing spots.


The 130 000 hectares of hunting lands in Posio ensure a desired catch for everyone.


In the summer, orienteering events and competitions are held regularly.

Disc golf course

Posio disc golf course has 9 holes and it is situated in Kirintövaara.

Summer weekly program

The program of summer 2017 will be published in May. Stay tuned!