Posio is perfect for travellers seeking authentic experiences

  • Posio is a small nature-loving community with a population of little more than 3,000 inhabitants.  The destination is known especially as the home of Finnish interior design company Pentik and Riisitunturi National Park. 
  • Located in Southern Finnish Lapland, Posio has become the first travel destination to receive the Sustainable Travel Finland label from Visit Finland.
  • Life in Posio follows the rhythm of light and the seasons. Posio’s nature is a constant source of inspiration for the designers of Pentik and other artists. The landscape varies from fells to endless forests, from lakes to sandy ridges and beaches. Posio is also home to Korouoma Canyon, one of Finland’s deepest gorges. 

Pentik-mäki Culture Centre

  • Anu Pentik started making ceramics in her basement in the 1970’s. Now, almost 50 years later, Pentik is a very well-known brand in Finland. The company has 50 shops in Finland and is presentin 8 other countries.
  • Situated in Posio, in Southern Finnish Lapland, Pentik is presumably the world’s northernmost ceramics factory. It is also the largest employer in Posio. A cultural centre was established next to the factory, bringing over 100,000 tourists a year.


Riisitunturi National Park  

  • Riisitunturi National Park is a breathtaking hiking destination all year round. The two circle trails of 4 and 11 km are ideal for day hikes, whereas the 30-km out-and-back trail is perfect for those who enjoy a more challenging experience. 
  • Riisitunturi National Park provides a delightful playground for nature lovers. The hillsides of the park are decorated by rare slope mires and the bare fell tops offer breathtaking views over Lake Kitkajärvi and the forests beyond.
  • Riisitunturi is suitable for people of all ages and beginners as well. It is also a good destination for trekkers, bird watchers and photographers.

Hike, bike, or swim in Hirsiniemi 

  • Hirsiniemi circle trail offers soothing landscapes into the clean waters of Lake Livojärvi coast protection area. Specialty of the route is a boat crossing over a narrow strait to the peninsula of Hirsiniemi. In Hirsiniemi, the trail continues in easy terrain running on a high sandy ridge with stunning lake views.

  • The trail is suitable for the whole family. The northern part of the route follows a small and rugged path. In the south it softens into an easy-to-walk gravel road. You can hike or bike this 16 kilometer route.

  • Along the route there are many deserted sandy beaches as well as altogether five campfire sites. From the beaches you can go to swim in crystal clear water. 

Posion Muikkumarkkinat torilla

Posio Vendace Market –  the most important summer event in the area 

  • After two intermediate years, Posio Vendace Market offers more to see and experience for the whole family from 16 to 17 July 2022. Fish products are strongly present and vendace is available in the market in many forms. There are also a variety of vendors offering local food, pastries and handicrafts.
  • This year there is also a program specifically aimed at children, with children’s music and a local circus group on the market. 
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Restaurant Tapio

  • Restaurant Tapio is an independent restaurant deep in the forests of Posio. Restaurant uses ingredients almost exclusively from local suppliers.

  • Menus are periodically redesigned to the rhythm of seasonal productavailability.  The aim is to source responsibly using local and wild ingredients where possible, keeping in mind the traditional values of Finnish culture.

  • Tapio has already been chosen twice as one of the 50 best restaurants in Finland. 

Participate events in Posio

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