The magical winter of Posio starts when the first snow falls, usually in November or December. Posio is a highland area, which allows a snow cover for up to 200 days a year.

Opportunities for skiing in Posio are vast and versatile. There are altogether 70 kilometers of skiing tracks around the area for skiers of all experience levels. 23 km of the tracks are lit. In early spring, the “sunshine ski tracks” circling on frozen lakes are opened and maintained. Special wilderness ski tracks lead you into the frost decorated Karitunturi.

Here you can see all our skiing tracks on a map and when they have been maintained

TrackDifficulty levelInquiriesDescription
Kotivaara track (5 km)MediumEsa Väinämö +358 40 8012 270The starting points for this partly lit track are the sports field or Pentik. The route travels via Pentik to the Kotivaara Hill and returns to the sports field. It s a demanding track for fitness skiers.
Pentik – Kirintövaara track (13 km back and forth)EasyEsa Väinämö +358 40 8012 270The lit route to Kirintövaara starts from the Kotivaara trail next to Pentik. The trail is a good practice ground for fitness skiers. A connection track to Holiday Village Himmerki also connects with this trail.
Kirintövaara track (fitness track 3 km + competition track 2 km)DemandingEsa Väinämö +358 40 8012 270Partly lit circle track.
Kirintövaara – Himmerki track (8 km back and forth)EasyEsa Väinämö +358 40 8012 270Good practice track for fitness skiers. This track connects Kirintövaara to Himmerki.
Karitunturi track (15 km back and forth)MediumEsa Väinämö +358 40 8012 270Karitunturi ski trail is usually opened late winter. It starts from the Pentik – Kirintövaara track near Kirintövaara. It is a demanding practice track for fitness skiers.
Lake Posionjärvi sunshine track (10 km)EasyOlavi Mourujärvi +358
400 199033
The track is usually opened in February, and is maintained by a group of volunteers. Walking dogs is permitted on this track.
Turjanvaara sunshine track (10 km)MediumEsa Väinämö +358 40 8012 270The track is usually opened late winter (week. It starts from the Pentik – Kirintövaara trail and circles via Turjanvaara Fell to Himmerki (and onwards to Kirintövaara). This track can also be skied as a circle route of about 20 km.
Riisin rykäsy track (14,3 km)MediumTourist info +358 44 7674 218This partial circle track is opened usually in February (week 8). The track passes through the beautiful wilderness sceneries of Riisitunturi National Park. Read a detailed description of the track here.

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