Experience diverse nature, local delicacies, genuine culture, art and design in Posio, Lapland

In Posio, nature embraces, carries through the seasons and gives life its pace. Hurries vanish in the tranquillity of nature and amongst the locals. Here, anyone can find their own rhythm, be it fast or slow.

The winter in Posio starts when the first snow falls, usually in November or December. As a highland area, Posio is covered with snow up to 200 days per year! The long period of snow cover offers great possibilities for all sorts of winter activities.

Winter hiking

The snowy winters of Posio provide amazing chances for snowshoeing and winter hiking.

Cross-country skiing

There are altogether 70 kilometers of skiing tracks in Posio for skiers of all experience levels.

Kiri slopes

The ski center in Kirintövaara offers thrilling experiences in family-friendly slopes.

Ice climbing in Korouoma

The steep cliffs of Korouoma offer outstanding climbing experiences.


There are 200 kilometers of maintained snowmobiling routes in the Posio area.

Reindeer Safaris

What could be a better way of exploring the snowy forests of Posio than on a reindeer safari?

Husky safaris

Enjoy the thrill of speed on a husky safari and learn how to control your own dog sled!

Weekly Program

Ice climbing in Korouoma, snowshoeing in Riisitunturi National Park, husky safaries and much more. Take a look!