Riisitunturi National Park’s Multipurpose Track is a roughly 20-kilometre, partially circular trail that starts and ends at the national park’s parking area.

In the summertime we recommend biking at Hirsiniemi recreational area by crystal clear Livojärvi Lake.


The multipurpose track runs from the parking area to the Riisitunturi Open Wilderness Hut and further onwards to the Soilu lean-to shelter. The distance from the parking area to the open wilderness hut is 2 kilometres and to the Soilu lean-to shelter 4 kilometres.

From the Soilu lean-to shelter, the trail continues on a steep decline towards Rinnesuo Mire then south via Riisisuo Mire to the Uusilampi lean-to shelter. This section of the track is a circular route. The distance from the parking area to the Uusilampi lean-to shelter is 8 kilometres.

From the Uusilampi lean-to shelter, the track runs north-west towards Lake Kolmiloukkonen, from where it continues around Nuolivaara Hill  towards Soilunsuo Mire. From Soilunsuo, the track continues towards Rinnesuo Mire and then runs back along the same route via the Soilu lean-to shelter and the open wilderness hut to the parking area.

For more information on the track maintenance situation in winter, please contact Lauri Sassali at Kota-Husky, tel. +358 40 718 7287, or the Tykky wilderness café, tel. +358 45 133 4790.

Please Note
The same track is also used for dog sledge tours, and other users must always give way to the sledges.

Please keep in mind that the track is only available in the winter and biking is not allowed in the national park when there is no snow on the ground.

Duration: 5 hours
Trail markings: Paint markings
Difficulty level: Medium, circle trail
Suitability: Suitable for the whole family. The northern part of the route follows a small and rugged nature path. In the south it softens into an easy-to-walk gravel road.

The Hirsiniemi recreational area can be used by hikers and bikers. The starting point is from Holiday Village Livohka (address: Kaarelantie 23, 97900 Posio). You can also rent a fatbike from Livohka.

The circle trail runs clockwise around the area of Pernunselkä in Lake Livojärvi. There is a rowboat crossing over a narrow strait on the way. In the northern part, a rugged nature path follows the coastline, which offers soothing landscapes into the clean waters of Lake Livojärvi coast protection area.

Additional information

Bike rentals

Rent a fatbike from

Kitkan Riisi: 6 km from Riisitunturi

Holiday Village Himmerki

Holiday Village Livohka

Rent a fatbike from Holiday Village Livohka for the Hirsiniemi recreational area. Call: 010 7703 720 or email: livohka@jhl.fi.

Mountain biking etiquette

  • Select the route according to your skills and physical condition.
  •  Stay on the marked trails and avoid locking your brakes.
  •  Share the trails with others. Cyclists must give way to other users. Slow down or stop when encountering others.
  •  Use a helmet. Take food and warm clothing with you.
  •  Keep nature clean. Take your waste with you.

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